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Sugatsune - Full Size Door - Magnetic Touch Latch

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Uliminate Door Handles with This Heavy-Duty Door Touch Latch

Create a cleaner, more minimalistic look in your spaces with Sugatsune’s ML-ZN80-WT Push-to-Open Latch Mechanism for heavy doors.

This heavy-duty door touch latch is suited for almost any kind of interior door, including room doors, pantries, flush doors, and closets!

  • Create Hidden Doors: The hidden mounting screw design is easy to install and helps achieve the “hidden door” aesthetic for a clean presentation in any room.

Models are compatible with our HES3D-E190 Series of 3-way adjustable concealed door hinges to complete the hidden door look.

Strong Enough for Heavy Duty

The ML-ZN80 Series is designed as a heavy-duty replacement for door handles on even the largest interior doors (i.e., single-person doors, not garage or service doors).

This push-to-open latch mechanism features 11 pounds of magnetic push force, enough to easily open even the heaviest of doors, such as solid wood. It works equally well on lighter doors.

Closing doors is just as easy: Simply give it a push until the latch engages!

Features High Durability

The ML-ZN80 push-to-open latch successfully passed 100,000 open/close cycles in a private test. The main construction material is zinc alloy, and the latch offers years of superior performance even in heavy use environments.

Enhance Accessibility & Improve Doorway Functionality

The magnetic heavy-duty door touch latch opens and closes with the light touch of a single hand, or even a shoulder or elbow. No manual dexterity is required, making these latches ideal for aging in place living, hidden rooms, and areas where improved accessibility is desired.


Dimensions 87 × 39 mm
Includes Strike Plate


Magnetic Force (kg)


Magnetic Force (lbs)


Push Force (kg)


Push Force (lbs)


Requires Strike Plate


Max. Door Height (mm)


Max. Door Height (inch)


Max. Door Width (mm)


Max. Door Width (inch)


Max. Door Weight (kg)


Max. Door Weight (lbs)


Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
87 mm 39 mm


Component Material Finish
Body Zinc Alloy White
Mounting Plate Zinc Alloy White
Latch Plastic (PA) White
Magnet Ferrite Plain
Strike Plate Stainless Steel Polished